Yalun Wu

Programmer, Electronic Geek, Photographer | yalunwu@gmail.com


I am a senior electrical engineering major student at University of Maryland, College Park. For the past three years, I have been developing, both hardware and software, research platforms for various research groups on the University of Maryland campus.






Electronics and IC

Analog/Digital Circuit Design

PCB Layout


IC Layout

CAD and EDA Softwares

Autodesk Inventor


Cadence Virtuoso

Altera Quartus

Altera ModelSim




Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park


Exchange Student
Technical University of Denmark

Jan 2014-June 2014


Undergraduate Researcher
University of Maryland - Bio-photonic Imaging Laboratory

  • Developed multithreaded C++ application for various medical technologies, including Optical Coherent Tomography, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, and Hyperspectral Imaging, with CUDA and Qt
  • Designed, tested, and laid-out custom PCBs that provides high gain conversion between optical signal to electrical signal and controls for various scientific instruments
  • Utilized Arduino to provide I2C and serial interface in order to control light sources and spectrometers
  • Coded a software package that would manage multiple sensors and hardware
  • Designed LabVIEW applications to automate experiments thereby reducing the time spent by 50%
  • Analyzed the performance of a new medical device, Coherent Gated Doppler (CGD), by testing the device with various blood vessel phantoms

August 2014-Current
June 2012 - Dec 2013

Current Job

Undergraduate Research Assistant
University of Maryland - Simulation-Based System Design Laboratory

  • Designed a platform that would deploy Kinect on an RC car to develop an real time program that would follow a person and avoid obstacle and other people
  • Worked with MATLAB and C++ to develop image processing and navigation algorithms for an autonomous ground vehicle project sponsored by Office of Naval Research
  • Constructed discrete electronics board to enable Kinect to operate with DC power source
  • Project video

August 2011 - May 2012

Volunteer Lab Assistant
University of Maryland - Robotics, Automation, and Medical Systems Lab

  • Constructed and manipulated a 3D model of 100+ parts using OpenGL framework to provide real time visualization of a pneumatically controlled medical robot
  • Implemented optical tracking on the bending of shape memory alloy cannula with OpenCV and 3D vision
  • Converted two console-based device control programs into GUI-based programs by using C++ and Qt
  • Transported sensor data using UDP packets in order to remotely visualize a biomedical robot

June-August 2011

Interesting Class Projects

Advanced Computer Architecture
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  • Created MIPS-like pipelined processor on an Altera DE2 FPGA from Designing Instruction Set to Performance Evaluations
  • Implemented the processor in VHDL using Altera Quartus
  • Tested the implemented processor in Modelsim and Synopsys
  • Designed a 32-bit instruction set that provide a wide range of operations
  • Project Code

January-June 2014

Mixed Signal VLSI Design
University of Maryland, College Park

  • Created an color detection chip in ON Semiconductor 0.5 µm process
  • Designed, layout and tested the circuits in Cadence Virtuoso
  • Layout the designed circuit for fabrication with pads

January-June 2013

Publications and Presentations

Extracurricular Activity

Mentor for FIRST robotics competition team, 4464

  • Teach high school students on java programming and electronics
  • Oversee 30+ high school students through a gruesome 6-week build season to design, prototype, build, and test a one-of-a-kind robot up to 60 inches tall and 120lb.
  • Led the team to the World Championship Event in St. Louis in April 2013.
  • Provide organizational support by sharing experience from other FIRST robotics competition teams

January 2013-Current

Cultural Programming Leader-Global Communities
University of Maryland, College Park

  • Lead a group of student in organizing a talent show of 10 groups and more than 40 performers
  • Provide exchange students worldwide an chance to live with people of diverse background
  • Learn about globalization and global issue by working with people of various background

August 2010- June 2012




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